Choose Your Fund


Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds give you the ability to support a variety of community needs. These funds work with the Foundation’s Community Grants Program to support the community’s greatest and most immediate needs.

The Foundation can help you convert a private foundation to a Foundation fund, assigning the administrative support work to the Foundation while allowing you to have the joy of making grants. All fund types can be built over a five- year period through our Building Fund Program.

Restricted Funds

• Field of Interest Funds – support broad areas of concern: youth, arts, health, education, etc.

• Donor Designated Funds – allow you to target funds for particular organizations.

•  Donor Advised Funds – keep you actively involved in making grants.

•  Agency Endowment Funds – support a specific non-profit agency forever.

• Scholarship Funds – provide educational support for deserving local students.


• Administrative Fund – supports the Foundation Operation and its community challenge